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Aerospace and Defense

Industries Aerospace and Defense

Your strict customer demands for the aerospace and defense industry such as quality, pricing and on-time delivery are able to be met. Have peace of mind that you selected the right software company to partner with.

Aerospace and Defense
Accurate Costs

In a competitive global market, companies must keep a tight reign on costs. Easily track production cost variances with planned vs. actual and get more detail with the cost of goods sold general ledger account splitting. Standard, actual and average costing methods can be used per material or product depending on which is best for managing your costs.

Capable to Promise

Capable to Promise (CTP) is a powerful tool that takes into account material availability and current production resources to give your customer an accurate promise date. CTP can be ran from the quoting and sales order entry screens.

Quality Control

Your aerospace and defense customers expect the highest quality products, consistently. Inspection steps can be added to individual labor operations and upon goods receipt of the production order or purchase orders. Non-conformances can be automatically created based on the inspection results.

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