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Industries Engineering

From project kickoff to project close and beyond, you are covered. Quick and effective decisions can be made with the project and financial information in one system.

Product Lifecycle

Track engineering changes, revisions and defects throughout the product lifecycle to ensure traceability in case of product liability claims. Approval workflows can be configured to ensure the proper controls are in place to document engineering changes.

Project Management

Accurately track employee time on each project. The extensive reporting allows you to see where you made money and where you lost. Planned vs. actual and efficiency reports gives you the information you need to make decisions. Employees will have access to their next tasks and what material or tooling is required.

Quality Control

Focus on mitigating the risk surrounding product defects and reducing scrap and rework rates for your operation. Have important documents electronically follow a product through the product lifecycle to maintain material traceability and relevant information.

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