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Business Intelligence

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Perform meaningful analysis and gain insight into your enterprise’s performance across multiple company codes, plants and departments. Your important decisions will be backed by accurate data through dashboards, key performance indicators (KPI) and Reporting.

Business Intelligence


Each employee can have their own custom dashboard that is relevant to their job duties.  Have all of the key information and reminders at your finger tips once you log in.


See the big picture at a glance and then drill deep into your relevant data to monitor the health your business, analyze processes, and provide stakeholders with actionable insights.


Give your team a simpler and faster way to work, communicate, and collaborate.  Set alerts to remind you and other team members about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines.


Take out the guesswork associated with inventory management and use the operations data Masterplan provides to more accurately forecast customer demand.

Key Performance Indicators

Your entire team is empowered with real-time data.  Always have the key data to make important business decisions.


Set up shareable analytics for every team in your company for a comprehensive summary of everyone’s targets and goals.  View and manage your data from any device.

Connected Data

KPI’s can be connected to business transactions for quick navigation through the system.


Unlock key insights into your operations and allow your teams to strategize over real-time data.

Custom Fields

Custom fields created in any model can be added to reports and be used as a filter criterion to segment out your larger dataset.

Drag and Drop Designer

Easily create custom report dashboards with a simple drag-and-drop interface that can be changed at any time as your needs change and different metrics become useful for your company.


Reports can be exported into several different formats including PDF, Word, CSV and Excel.


Filters are used to refine search results, making the data easier to understand and draw insights from for your specific goals and targets.

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