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Quality Management System

Products Quality Management System

Focus on mitigating the risk surrounding product defects and reducing scrap and rework rates for your operation.

Quality Management System
Corrective & Prevention Actions

Create workflows to automate the escalation and approval of CAPA documents to ensure that your team promptly and carefully handles all cases of nonconforming deliveries.

Customer & Supplier Returns

Rectify customer relationships by swiftly generating credit memos and sending them to customers when returns or rework orders are issued for nonconforming shipments.

Deviation Request

Automatically generate deviation requests from the non-conformance reports within the system or generate them manually.

Document Control

Have important documents electronically follow a product through the product lifecycle to maintain material traceability and relevant information. Use the check-in and check-out process to monitor document revisions as well as display alerts if production orders are created for checked-out documents.


Once an operator assigns an item as a nonconforming good, the data collection system generates a non-conformance report. Depending on the disposition, a rework order can be created, and the cost can be easily tracked depending on whether the item is scrapped or reworked.

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance orders based on time or usage intervals—usage hours are derived from the data collection time entries. Also, you have the ability to allocate material or labor usage to maintenance orders rather than simply relying upon time usage intervals.

Rework Orders

The creation of nonconformance reports in the system allows you to easily generate rework orders. Material and labor can be allocated to specific rework orders to keep an accurate cost of rework per job.

Tool Calibration

Using the data collection system, tool life can be tracked based on either time or usage metrics. The systems will collect exactly when the tool was used and on what jobs it was used for to aid in traceability if a tool were to fail or fall out of specification during process.

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